Haima Sarees USA Inc is incorporated in the state of Virginia, USA. We know the difficulties that Indian women face in the US to find Indian traditional dresses. There are no big stores that sell like the western wear and the small stores exist only in very big cities if any. Only few Indian women have boutiques at their home which means the collection is limited and often the prices are too high to compensate the time spent by the seller. The other way is to buy online from unincorporated sellers which means there is no guarantee that the goods will be shipped to the buyer.

Looking at all these difficulties, the founder of our company has taken the correct path to incorporate Haima Sarees Private Limited company in India and incorporate a US subsidiary company Haima Sarees USA Inc to establish the trust with the customers and reduce the cost of operation by onsite-offshore model and there by giving best prices to our customers with guaranteed delivery. We also accept returns with no questions asked which is very rare with the sellers of Indian traditional dresses.

The other problems Indian women face is the customization of the apparel they buy to their requirements which most sellers in the US do not offer. With our onsite-offshore model, we also provide complete customization and even do stitching according to customer requirements. The blouse form we request our customers is an idea that is hugely successful. Our customers are delighted with the products they receive customized to their measurements. We have partnered with DHL and the shipping time is the best we can get. Sometimes we do direct shipment to the customer and sometimes to optimize the logistics, we ship to our US address and ship to the customer using USPS 2 day delivery.

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